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and collaborate on what are the best learning and engagement practices in communication, to support growth in the business world from day-1.


successful scripts with tools and tips ready-to-go.


creative and stress-free strategies, to overcome English as a second language.

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Sharing confidence tips and tools on public speaking with a broad skill set across communication executive English coaching + business and career development & project and customer success management.

Celebrating over 20 years experience in business education with eager individuals and groups (B2B and B2C) in agile hybrid cross-functional environments and disadvantaged communities in social and geographic periphery which can't afford to lose the next global deal.

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  1. A deeper understanding and awareness of your problem areas
  2. Practice and improve your level of English speaking, reading and writing in diverse global environmemts

  3. Together we create a workable framework that fits in your busy lifestyle

  • Certificate of Completion – 4 courses | Semester & SpeakUp Hebrew | Language School | Citizen Cafe Tel Aviv

  • Certificate of Completion – Switch 29 | Jolt UK | 2021
  • Jolt UK | Switch Course

  • University of Hertfordshire | UK | Postgraduate Diploma in Dramatherapy

  • London Academy of Performing Arts | UK | Diploma in Classical Drama

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Experience Legal English Success

Write emails, comments and agreements/contracts like a Ninja plus

perform with confidence in negotiations and meetings.

Experience Tech Space Success

Deep dive into an agile mindset; leverage those super power abilities, presence, talent, and customer success in your business English.

Experience Presentation Success In Groups

Sales, marketing, legal, cybersecurity or even finance departments can level up soft skills in business English; present fluently and be confident in collaborations and meetings.

Experience Career Development Success

Learn how to leverage your time, advance in your career in English. It could be studying, or even applying and starting a new job. Up your networking, writing, pitching and marketing skills in a short time! Get great hacks to dive into your dream job.

Communicate with confidence the most spoken language in the world!

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Communicate with confidence the most spoken language in the world

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Communicate with confidence the most spoken language in the world